Who is Charlie?

I was tempted to write this About page in the third person but couldn’t keep a straight face. So, who am I and why am I writing this?

I’m an English expat, living in Prague since 2001, I like to eat and travel, and travel to eat. You could say my day job as marketing manager of JayWay Travel, a New York based boutique travel company that specialises in travel to Central & Eastern Europe, is my dream job. I wouldn’t argue.

Having spent a fair amount of time hanging out with travel bloggers I thought I should at least try setting one up, to document where I’ve been and what I’ve seen on the way. As I’m on the ‘industry side’ I’m not viewing this as something I can grow, leverage or somehow parlay into taking press trips or being invited to be a ‘blogger in residence’ somewhere. To a certain extent I already am. My role affords plenty of opportunity to travel already and I’m doing just that.

Charles Neville
Puglia, Italy, June 2015