Where are all the Wineries?


Yes, I was in Italy for nearly 10 days by this point and I only visited one winery. What was wrong? Time to rectify that. Back in November at a Prague foodie event Klara and I met a lovely chap from Cilento, a gentlemen who owns a winery. We liked his wines and he suggested we come and visit some day. In fact Bruno is the main reason we made it down to Cilento (ok, and mozzarella). We took him up on his offer, had a tour with his young apprentice winemaker, tasted more wines, bought a few. We also looked around the winery (a fairly unremarkable one). In any case, if you see his wines somewhere, try them.

Winery-visitation quota still not reached, we followed the suggestion of our agriturismo hosts and visited a place a few kilometres away. When we found ourselves outside something that looked like a warehouse on an industrial estate we were nonplussed but went inside anyway. A curious creation, much nicer on the inside than the featureless exterior would suggest but we weren’t blown away by the wines.