Conversing on the Costa Brava

My second TBEX Europe following hot on the heels of the previous one just six short months ago in Athens. Walking into the first one where I knew just one person, this was a very different experience. Within those six months there had been WTM London, Travel Massive meetups in Prague and Berlin not to mention the so massive it’s unmanageable ITB Berlin. I was flatsharing with my blogger buddies Amber and Eric of With Husband In Tow¬†and their friends at the #jamonhouse. Walking in to any of the events I didn’t feel like the awkward new kid at school, it was more of a reunion and catching up with friends makes it feel less like a networking event and more of a party. It also makes it a lot easier to meet new people when your friends introduce you to other bloggers.

The venue, a kiss-me-quick-hat seaside resort on the Costa Brava favoured by groups of young Brits, Germans and Scandinavians situated 2 hours by slow train and bus from Barcelona, was a bit of a change from one of the most history-laden cities in the world. One plus side was the Route 66 Diner, run by a lovely lady from Essex. The perfect Sunday morning pick-me-up. At least it was cheap, I guess. And the beach party was good fun. Next time’s Stockholm, so yet more contrasts.

The actual conference sessions this time were weaker, or I chose poorly, but that didn’t seem to matter. There’s only a certain number of ‘why you should work with bloggers’ and ‘how to run a press trip’ sessions I need to go to. And besides, it’s a bit late to find that out as right after TBEX ended I began my first ever blogger trip, the #JayWayBaltics 10 day trip through the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.