The Voyage to Vilnius


Via Rundale and Hill of Crosses Rather than going straight to Vilnius (an approx 4.5 hour drive/bus journey) we made a full day of it, stopping first at Rundale Palace, built for the Dukes of Courland by the Italian-born architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli (whose works include the Winter Palace in St Petersburg) in his trademark late Baroque style. Last time I was here we only had … Continue reading The Voyage to Vilnius »

Time for Tallinn

Random stuff in the market - who doesn't need a Hitler clock?

The first stop on the #JayWayBaltics blogger trip, my and JayWay’s first project like this, was Tallinn. Making use of a convenient direct Ryanair flight from Girona to Tallinn, we touched down in the Estonian capital on the evening of May 4th. The well-oiled baggage-handling process meant we wasted no time in getting from plane to city, with the assistance of our Tallinn partner, Est … Continue reading Time for Tallinn »

Hello world, again!

Easter Monday – the ideal day to resurrect a blog? My first travel blog started in December 2008 with a 5 week visit to Japan, (which will be) imported here for completeness. If you trip over any messiness in those old posts – likely caused by missing plugins – I’m getting to it ok!