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Ambulating Amalfi

amalfi - 2

“The Cinque Terre of Southern Italy” So, Amalfi coast – lemons, mountains, twisting winding road, 5 towns/villages some of which from a distance bear a passing resemblance to Cinque Terre (5T for short) in Liguria, Northern Italy. The two areas share various other characteristics – overpriced food in the center, crowds of tourists in the … Continue reading Ambulating Amalfi »

‘Ello Ercolano

Herculaneum with Pompeii in the background

Everyone has heard of Pompeii, in fact it gets millions of visitors a year. There’s another site that’s part of the same UNESCO listing, closer to Naples in fact. Oddly Pompeii gets the crowds while Herculaneum, or Ercolano in Italian, is delightfully crush-free. Both towns suffered the same fate in the 79 AD eruption of … Continue reading ‘Ello Ercolano »